The Must-Visit List Of Cities In Belgium You Should Come Once

List Of Cities In Belgium 2

Belgium is probably one of the most missed countries in Europe. The Quebec Canal, Antwerp fashion, chocolate, wine, castles, protracted carnivals, Tintin, and giant beers with a full range of flavors to match any beer connoisseur in the world gender. It may not be an exaggeration to say that there will never be an end to what one can discover in Belgium. If you are wondering what to play in Belgium, here is a List Of Cities In Belgium that any visitor should visit.

The Must-Visit List Of Cities In Belgium You Should Come Once

1. City of Antwerp – The expensive diamond of beautiful Belgium

Antwerp is Belgium’s second-largest city, and it has a special appeal for creatives and visitors to the country. A city with many cafes and bars, old fashion shops with knowledgeable and friendly local owners. In addition, Antwerp is also a destination for art lovers with numerous exhibitions, museums, and bold architecture.

List Of Cities In Belgium

The two-month Antwerp summer festival draws visitors from all over with activities such as open-air cinemas, beaches and mobile bars that pop up automatically, and neglected factories are taken advantage of. used for dance halls. The whole city turns into a true art playground where everyone is welcome.

2. Ghent – Belgium’s festival city

Located in the northwest of Belgium, Ghent is one of the oldest cities in Belgium, beautiful as a tourist postcard that you often receive from loved ones. The city is small enough to still feel cozy, yet large enough to be a vibrant commercial and cultural hub. Ghent with its young population, great canal architecture, quaint bars, traditional restaurants, and one of Belgium’s best museums.

3. Bruges – UNESCO Heritage City

Dubbed the Venice of the North, the city of Bruges tops the list of the most beautiful places in Belgium. Anyone who has ever been to Belgium must definitely visit this place where the movie ‘In Brugge’ was filmed. Bruges has a romantic beauty with many mossy ancient bridges located on small canals under the underground city and medieval European architecture. Bruges is a dream destination not only for couples but also for solo travelers in the List Of Cities In Belgium.

List Of Cities In Belgium

Here you will see the typical beauty of Bruges in many beautiful old buildings, enjoy delicious food, and take a walk, or cycle through the alleys of the old town with medieval architecture. Romantic Bruges in the lens of a dreamer. If you come to Bruges, remember to rent a boat to see the city from the river. Bruges is one of the most visited cities in Belgium. Therefore, even the cost of a hostel in this city is extremely expensive compared to the average price of the region.

4. Durbuy

List Of Cities In Belgium

Nestled deep in a wooded valley in the middle of the Wallonia Ardennes, Durbuy enthralls visitors with its winding rustic cobblestone streets and two-story houses covered with azaleas, ivy vines, and azaleas. poppies. A series of Belgian brasseries with fine dining restaurants between the streets of the center with medieval architecture, interspersed with narrow streets like Rue des Récollets is truly a paradise for those who want to wander. on his feet. Durbuy’s summer features craft markets, while winter brings a wild pop of color to the riverside setting in the heart of the beautiful Luxembourg province of the self-proclaimed smallest town in the world.

5. City of Brussels

Brussels is the capital of Belgium, the center of Europe’s political economy, and the home of Belgium’s iconic Grand Place market square. And around this historic square are hidden alleys of Belgian beer pubs with famous Trappist beer and famous chocolate that make this country’s trademark, famous waffles… Just that much is enough. The reason you can’t miss this city when visiting Belgium.

Brussels Park – This park is located in the heart of the capital Brussels, this is truly a miniature Europe because there are up to 300 miniature models of famous buildings and landscapes throughout 10 European countries, You will see the Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Palace of Versailles, windmill… simulated to every detail.

List Of Cities In Belgium

The Brussels Stock Exchange Building – Bourse. This is a historic structure, this building combines the architecture of the Renaissance and the Second Empire schools in a harmonious way, reflected in the sculptures, paintings, and decorative objects. inside, the whole is done by the hands of a team of famous painters and architects in 1868, built-in 1873 to complete. This building has become the largest stock exchange center in Belgium and is now a prominent destination that tourists always visit when coming to Brussels.

6. The Lightest City in the World – Liège

The next destination in our List Of Cities In Belgium is Liège. This name in French means the material for making wine cork. Very light, so people like to play with words, saying their city is the lightest in the world. Liège is a place that preserves almost all the works built from the past. Visitors can visit the Town Hall, which is an elegant classical building.

This place was built in 1714. And was renovated after being attacked by the French in 1691. Coming to Liège, visitors will enjoy walking on the old streets. See the houses surrounding the square built of rustic bluestone or visit the Walloon Art Museum. It is a place to display works of artists in the region since Roman times.

7. Blankenberge

List Of Cities In Belgium

This peaceful seaside city would be an ideal location in our List Of Cities In Belgium. For those who want to temporarily isolate themselves from the hustle and bustle of city life. The long bridge was built in 1933, connecting the shore to the sea is the highlight of this coastal area. Take a stroll along the long coastline and then enjoy fresh seafood. An attractive Old Town restaurant will be an interesting suggestion for your weekend.


It will not be an exaggeration to say that you need at least 2 weeks to get to all the must-see places in this country. With many dream places in the List Of Cities In Belgium, we introduce above, you must be satisfied with this wonderful trip to Belgium. Thank you for reading and see you later!